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Recipes for us... and them. Today is Friday, April 28, 2017

Juice it Up!


Wow! Long time no write...Well, I am alive and today... I bought a juicer! I have been wanting one for a long time and a good friend of mine has one, which I've had the pleasure of testing out and so I splurged. Not necessarily splurged but I dropped $40 on a decent one and lets see how much I actually use it before I invest in the fancy pants model. So far I have used it twice. Juice for dinner and a juice for the morning.

Its crazy how a lot of veggies and fruit go a little way. After the purchase (and work) I was not feeling going to the grocery store and picking out fun organic veggies so I grabbed a bag of spinach, celery, cucumber, carrots and lemon... the entire bag of spinach is gone, half the celery about 1/4 a bag of the baby carrots and half a lemon later I added a little later and was blessed with about 1 and a half mason jars full of juice. ha!

So, my mission will be to buy the best produce, in bulk, and juice my little heart out. I have not tested it yet but, I have heard of tricks as to get the most of the fruits and veggies you use. I am thinking of spicing up the lasagna and bison recipes and using the waste from the spinach and carrots in the mix. We will see how that goes.


Motivation Nation


I know I am not the only person suffering from having to cook two meals now that I am going through (not a diet) my lifestyle change. I have taken my trainer approved recipes and cooked them for myself with slight alterations to satisfy my mans appetite. Inbetween recipes, I will also gripe about my loathing the gym and/or my love for my work-out club! Enjoy and thanks for reading!


I have always been on a diet. ALWAYS. I was quite plump at a young age and my mother put me on one. In 5th grade my favorite after school activity was Tae-Bo, and in high school Xenedrine still had phen-phen in it and was $18.99 at Longs.  I am pretty sure I have been around the same size since 8th grade - I could wear the same jeans from freshman year through senior - and no matter how extreme my diet or workout routine became, my weight always juggled 5-10lbs. Then college came - hello 10 lbs. Then work came, no one prepares you for 8hr + days and what a toll that takes on your body! (I mean yes there are long classes in school - but after 5 hours you get up and walk half a mile to the next one!) Then you move - the emotional strain (good and bad), the physical exhaustion of looking for a new place, making new friends and finding your new favorite watering hole.. When I moved to San Francisco last April - I lost 12lbs instantly, walking everywhere, running around, stressing about little things and after about a month I gained it all back plus some... blah blah story of my life. Then I got the boyfriend - hello comfort weight! Well, finally I woke up one morning and thought... nope, not any more.




For recipes and more journals, visit my blog: http://thelynsanity.blogspot.com/




Getting my boyfriend to workout is like taking a three year old to get a shot.

In order for him not to deter me from my quest, and in addition to my workout club and my healthy meals, I have Googled my way around the web and found these fun dates into sneaking in burning some extra calories!

Activites like Mini-Golf, Batting Cages, Hiking, Playing Catch and even giving a massage burn anywhere from 100-550 calories!

Read my blog at http://thelynsanity.blogspot.com/ to see which burn the most...

and OK - so lets be clear, I am not saying "play four rounds of mini-golf and you will meet your cardio for the day," but - these do make me feel a bit less guilty if i skip that morning weekend run.


Hors Devours - Tofu and Crab Rangoon


Since I won't be entertaining friends or family this season, I've decided to entertain myself... after some research, recipe reorganizing, I came up with these...

Baked Crab Tofu Rangoon

(To make these sans crab, follow my ricotta recipe, for the filling)
Total time: 30-45

1 Egg beat
Won Ton wrappers
Olive Oil spray (my new obsession)
8oz Fat free cream cheese (or regular)
8oz Firm tofu
1/2lb Crab meat or imitation crab
1/4c Scallions diced finely
1/2T Minced garlic

Directions Preheat to 350. Combine cream cheese, tofu, crab, garlic and scallions (I did it in halves in the food processor) - place 1-2T of the filling onto the wonton fold in half like a triangle, or bring the corners together for a flower like shape. Use the egg to seal the edges. Grease cookie sheet (I use olive oil spray) and place rangoon. Lightly mist rangoons with Olive oil and bake 18-20 minutes.


For more posts check out my blog!


Holiday Helpings


While I certainly have been overwhelmed with work and life, I am trying my best to keep cooking great and blogging! In the mean time while I am out checking into my social calendar events here are a few things I am trying to keep in mind..

  • When you know you will be attending a gathering over the weekend, be sure to be extra good with what you are putting in your body during the week
  • If its a potluck, bring a light and healthy dish that everyone will enjoy - check out my posts on Lasagna, Bison Sliders and Bakes Crab Tofu Rangoon (post coming!)
  • Fill up on the fruit and veggie trays before you dive into the sweets
  • Stick to lean meats and fish when there are entree options
  • Hydrate! Drink plenty of water, if you're the good stuff too, try alternating a beer or glass of wine with a glass of water
  • Partner up! If you're headed out with your girlfriends (or your plus one) you can support each other when passing up that bacon wrapped cheesy good passes by on the plate. You know I swear by my workout club and they would never let me eat something I was going to regret


For the full post, more responsible holiday snacking behavior and recipes check out my blog


Sunday Prep


Sundays are the day of football for my boyfriend and no day of rest for me. THis is when I do the shopping, plan and prep the meals!

To be completley honest I have been awful lately - weddings, football games, stress at work - my body has not been a priority and I need to do somehting about that. I hate the way I feel - you are what you eat and I am eating tons of crap.


While things aren't getting any easier at work - I prepped all the lunches made easy breakfasts and will have simple entrees to prepare for my boo with a side of GOOP.

I decided on already frozen chicken last night (I NEVER do that) but I thought I would give it a shot. I baked three breasts for about an hour and then divided them into 4oz servings.  Then, I took the steam-able bags of broccoli and cauliflower and nuked them - divided those into 5 equal servings. and lunch is done.

For my dinners this week - I made a modified version of GOOP. I replaced the arugula with fresh basil and mixed in some pureed squash into the mix... I must say. Its my best GOOP yet.

For more about Sunday Prep and meal ideas - visit my blog: http://thelynsanity.blogspot.com/




Lasagna: Trick AND Treat


While on my new budget (and new healthy non-smoking life) I decided in the spirit of Halloween I would Trick AND Treat my boyfriend... Inspired by reading skinny bitch for the 5th time (NO, I will not ever go Vegan) I wanted some comfort food without the un-comfort after. The Trick? He has no idea this meal is basically Vegan. The Treat? He LOVED it.

This was a long prep time meal -  the sauce is homemade (not from scratch) and the ricotta is actually a tofu creation.

Red Sauce - makes about 7 cups, I used 3 in the lasagna - saved 2 and froze 2.
2tbs e.v. olive oil
1 onion, diced
8-10 cloves of garlic
2 28oz (salt/sugar free) crushed tomatoes
1 6oz can tomato paste
1/4c red wine (optional - I used it. duh.)
2 tbs finely chopped basil
1tbs oregano
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp hot sauce (optional)
1tbs agave nectar (optional)

Heat oil and in 4-6quart pot, medium/low heat, add onions - cook till clear, not brown! Add garlic cook 1 min. Sirt in tomatoes and paste, increase heat and bring to a boil, turn down low and add the remainder - add the hot sauce or agave last based on how you think the sauce tastes. We ended up adding more garlic and hot sauce.

Tofu "ricotta" -
14-16oz Extra Firm tofu
3 cloves garlic
2tbs e.v. olive oil

1tbs dried oregano

Combine ingredients in food processor - voila! Ricotta!

For the lasagna recipe and more follow my blog: http://thelynsanity.blogspot.com/


Champagne Taste on a PBR Budget


My mom always said that I have champagne taste on a coors light budget. Okay, maybe those weren't her words exactly, but its TRUE!! I am constantly in a financial uphill battle, I just like nice things! And eating healthy is NOT always in the budget - but I do my best.

Last week in my delirious-sickness I decided I want to own a home. At home point in my life, I will buy a house. I WILL. This also lead to a series of part-time applications and opening a high interest bank account, for my direct deposit when I get that part-time gig. For now, I stick to what I know - feeding my man. I canceled a surprise I had planned for him due to "tightening the belt" and he laughed and said OK, no more $5 avocados then.. we have groceries here! By groceries he meant, canned tuna, frozen salmon and some year old mint-and-chip ice cream sandwiches. I'm sorry - you may be 30 and be okay with eating like a college boy, but I will not! Also, this is HIS pantry not mine, although mine isn't much better - I am not one to stock up on items, I buy mostly fresh - spices included and try and stay away from canned and processed goods. If I don't shop on Sunday, I would just about starve. BUT this got me thinking - OK, we're gonna save - then let's have that champagne taste on a PBR budget (we are in San Francisco after all).

For tips on buying and eating healthy -   Follow my blog: http://thelynsanity.blogspot.com/


No cooking this week...




Im on vacation... <3



Taco Thursday


Shrimp tacos for 3! (or 4)
Serves 6-8 tacos

Shrimp - how ever many you like
Cilantro bunch - chopped, divided in two
Half onion chopped
Two roma tomatoes chopped
1/4c. Plain Greek yogurt (for toppings)
Sm can of green chilies
Yellow corn tortillas
Fat-Free refried black beans
Quinoa (instead of rice)
Garlic powder
Jalapeno sliced

Directions: As always, 1tbs Olive Oil in a pan and add half the chopped cilantro, lime juice and jalapeno. Prep and clean shrimp and add to the pan. Cook on low - until shrimp is pink and set aside. Place the other half of chopped cilantro in a bowl, chop 1/2 onion and place in separate bowl, and chop tomatoes... you guessed it, place in separate bowl. I take the can of beans and place it in a pot, add 1/2 can of water and bring to a boil - lots of pepper, and then simmer so it thickens. Prepare quinoa with a little bit of garlic powder for flavor. I heat the corn tortillas -one by one - on the pan after the shrimp was cooked. and serve family style!

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